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Management lessons from accomplished business leaders

Indigo Airlines, VP- Aditya Gosh (NASSCOM #EmergeOut Conference)

  • Aditya was in J.Sagar Associates before joining Indigo Airlines
  • Indigo Airlines has 6000 Employees
  • He ordered 100 Plane on starting Indigo, it was one of the biggest order ever.
  • Marketing : Was bagged by the biggest advertising budget in the airlines industry
  • It takes 1000 small ideas and innovations to emerge out as a success in the long run.
  • An example of small but effective innovation done by Indigo : 180 ppx off in 6 mins, earlier the average times for the established airlines was 20 minutes.
  • Indigo keep its focus on the following three basics:
    • Low Fares
    • On time – everything
    • Courteous, hassle-free experience
  • How to make the employees feel, entrepreneur sprit.
    • Focus on the Basics
    • By having simple goals
    • Aligning everything to help them achieve the goals
    • To be better than the best at it.
  • Indigo doesn’t have the frequent flyer. What did it result in?
    • Create a structural advantage, by having a lower cost
    • Keeping goals simple.
  • Having a same type of airplane in large numbers – 180 Neos of Airbus, added to that structural advantage.


Venky’s HR Director –> Ram Mohan  (NASSCOM #EmergeOut Conference)

  1. Hire Smarter people
  2. Find out the dark horse and invest time and money in them
  3. Understand emotions by challenging the status Qou
  4. When you screw up, be there, listen to people.
  5. Build really good service offerings.
  6. Follow-up things under you in atleast 2 to 3 months.