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Best Steps to Optimize WordPress

Optimize WordPress

This article takes us through the many steps one can take to Optimize WordPress.

Steps to Optimize WordPress

  1. Reduce DOM size on the page to 2000
    • How to Reduce DOM Size
      • https://wpspeedmatters.com/reduce-dom-size-in-wordpress/
    • Visualise DOM Tree
      • https://yoksel.github.io/html-tree/en/
  2. Remove unnecessary plugins, prefer only Default JOP-WP Plugins
    • JOP-WP Plugins
      1. Query Monitor
  3. See Expensive Queries using Query Monitor
    1. Remove very inefficient plugins
    2. Note down the plugins running unnecessary
  4. Use Asset Monitor to disable scripts running unnecessarily, if no such script then disable Asset Monitor.
  5. Clean Unnecessary font files and replace it with custom font file during page load.
    1. Fontello – icon fonts generator
    2. https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/web-fonts-in-2018-f191a48367e8/
    3. https://titanwp.com/load-google-fonts-locally/
  6. Preload critical resources and prefetch resource DNS
  7. Start Cloudinary for optimizing and delivering images
  8. Look into Cart Fragment slow loading issue of WooCommerce
    1. https://www.webnots.com/fix-slow-page-loading-with-woocommerce-wc-ajaxget_refreshed_fragments/
  9. Clean large unused CSS and use small ones
    1. https://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/coverage/
    2. https://www.webperftools.com/blog/how-to-remove-unused-css-in-wordpress/
    3. PurifyCSS Online – Remove unused CSS


Optimize WordPress



Kinsta’s Guide to Clean up Your wp_options Table and Autoloaded Data

How to Clean up Your wp_options Table and Autoloaded Data

Optimize WordPress

Fastest WP Theme

A. WebSpeedTools

Source : https://webspeedtools.com/fastest-wordpress-theme/


B. WPSpeedMatters

Generate Press & Astra are best Themes and Oxygen is the best builder

Source: https://wpspeedmatters.com/reduce-dom-size-in-wordpress/


C. Jack Cao

Fastest WordPress Themes of 2021 : Generate Press & KADENCE


Fastest WP Page Builder

A. Jack Cao

Gutenberg is best followed by Live Canvas (New School) or Beaver Builder (Old School)

New School

Old School

Optimize WordPress

Best Gutenberg Blocks

Top 11 Gutenberg Block Plugins that will make Page Builders Obsolete! Yes, the future of WordPress is with Gutenberg Blocks. Page Builder Services need to understand this and move towards that direction otherwise they will be obsolete in years to come.

Check out these amazing Gutenberg Block Plugins:

IMP for layouts 👉 Kadence Blocks: https://jackcao.com/kadence-blocks

👉 Genesis Block: https://www.studiopress.com/genesis-b…

👉 Stackable: https://jackcao.com/stackable

👉 PublishPress Blocks: https://jackcao.com/publishpress-blocks

👉 Guteblock: https://guteblock.com/

👉 Ultimate Blocks: https://ultimateblocks.com/

👉 OtterBlocks: https://demo.themeisle.com/otter-blocks/

👉 CoBlocks: https://wordpress.org/plugins/coblocks/

👉 UAG: https://ultimategutenberg.com/

IMP for other features 👉 GetWid: https://getwid.getmotopress.com/


How to deep-clean your WordPress MySQL database

  • https://www.shoutmeloud.com/clean-options-wordpress-plugin-optimize-wordpress-database-table.html
  • https://github.com/davidegreenwald/How-to-Deep-Clean-Your-WordPress-MySQL-Database
  • https://websensepro.com/blog/improve-database-performance-by-cleaning-wp-options-table/