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Wp-Optimise Review

WordPress Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/ It says it is a very good caching and everything plugin. In reality it does’t do anything perfectly. The Promise: Very Fast Speed and Great Power The Reality: Limited Speed and Limited Options A. It is just partially good for Database Cleaning   Transient Record Cleaning https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/51701/will-it-break-my-site-if-i-delete-all-transient-records-in-wp-options-table https://crunchify.com/woocommerce-adds-thousands-of-transient-entries-into-wp-options-table-how-to-delete-and-disable-all-geoip-transient-settings/ The Alternatives: How they […]


Top 10 Video Enhancers Review 2021



Best Steps to Optimize WordPress

This article takes us through the many steps one can take to Optimize WordPress. Steps to Optimize WordPress Reduce DOM size on the page to 2000 How to Reduce DOM Size https://wpspeedmatters.com/reduce-dom-size-in-wordpress/ Visualise DOM Tree https://yoksel.github.io/html-tree/en/ Remove unnecessary plugins, prefer only Default JOP-WP Plugins JOP-WP Plugins Query Monitor See Expensive Queries using Query Monitor Remove […]


WordPress Plugins

Kinsta’s List of Best WP Plugins Ultimate Hand-Picked List of the Best WordPress Plugins for [Year] Kinsta’s Guide to Speed Up WordPress How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site (Ultimate 2021 Guide) Kinsta’s List of Bad WordPress Plugins Do You Have a List of Banned and Incompatible Plugins? Caching Plugins (kinsta specific) Cache Enabler LiteSpeed […]


9 uncommon HTML tags which can give your website wings

9 uncommon HTML tags which can give your website wings Due to a plethora of JS and CSS frameworks the number of these files being loaded for a webpage can easily multiply if a conscious effort to limit these files is not done. If a functionality can be achieved by simply using HTML then it […]