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Magento vs Shopify : Positive Comparisons

Magento -> Most popular, widely used by big players Positives: used by big businesses. Mobile e-commerce friendly. Very powerful and flexible. Wide community support. Good for bigger e-commerce site. Easy site tools and management. Shopify -> One can set up an e-com solution in 5 minutes. Positives: Easy to use. No programming required. Supports all […]


E-commerce Fulfillment Systems

E-commerce Fulfillment Systems #Definition of fulfillment process Delivering a service or Product by the website, which has been purchased online. # Powerful Fulfilment companies in Europe and America Amazon Shipwire i-force eBay


10 eCommerce Contest Ideas

10 eCommerce Contest Ideas Shop between 9am to 3pm and win prize. Shop for the highest amount in a day and win prize. Be the first shopper of the day and win. Answer a contest / Quiz Examples: Share your artistic way of using these limited edition “Yagna spoons” in your house Share any of […]