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10 eCommerce Contest Ideas

10 eCommerce Contest Ideas

  1. Shop between 9am to 3pm and win prize.
  2. Shop for the highest amount in a day and win prize.
  3. Be the first shopper of the day and win.
  4. Answer a contest / Quiz
    • Examples:
      1. Share your artistic way of using these limited edition “Yagna spoons” in your house
      2. Share any of your artistic creation and win
      3. Join our Facebook groups and become eligible for a chance to win a free makeover of your home. Also, runner-up prizes for everyone who participates.
  5. Submit your blog about the site.
  6. Refer your friends and win prize.
  7. E-mail CC (Write at least 30 words and e – mail your friends.)
  8. Submit your photo with our merchandise and win.
  9. Like our Facebook page and win.
  10. Watch a video and win (Comment your customer Id)

Content Ideas for an eCommerce Site – Artlivo.com

We take the reference of a client site – Artlivo.com for this article. Artlivo.com is an offline and online retailer of Unique Decor and Furniture. We also specialize in Vintage furniture.

  1. Story of staff and the people who make up the brand.
  2. Art ideas for kids.
  3. Use of art in featured homes.
  4. Adapt headlines from publications such as cosmopolitan; Readers digest etc.to come up with headlines.