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When Magento? & When WordPress?

Magento – WordPress are some words which you hear a lot when you are planning to set up a new website for your business. What are these and where are there strengths? Let find out.


Magento is an Open Source (code is open for all to see, review, improve and implement) e-commerce solution. It is very extensive and can be quite complex at times. A typical new Magento installation has about 300 to 400 tables in its database. It is suited for Medium to Large Businesses which are looking to primarily implement an eCommerce solution.



WordPress is also opensource but it is much less powerful when it comes to e-commerce. The main strength of WordPress is that it is very small, agile and flexible. It is said that you can make almost any kind of site in WordPress. A typical new Magento installation has about 60 tables in its database. WordPress is generally used primarily as a Content Management Solution. It is used in eCommerce – when a simple system is needed.


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